Global political experience: North and South America, Europe, and Asia.


Winning in politics is all about strategy: One must navigate between the onslaught of negative attacks, the daily-changing political unions, surviving unexpected scandals and presenting your message so that it connects with voters. My partners and I have years of experience in not only creating, but implementing, such strategies. Smartly playing your strengths, against your opponents’ weaknesses, leads to a successful – winning – political campaign. We have only one objective: YOUR VICTORY!

We will use our experience to help you succeed. Many of the people who turn to us are:

  • Political parties or leaders seeking to come to power;
  • Political parties or leaders seeking to maintain power;
  • Want to improve the public image of a person, or company;
  • Looking for strategies for defending a person, political party or company that is embroiled in a scandal, or facing ongoing attacks in the media;
  • Need quantitative and qualitative sociological research for politics and businesses.


Recent political projects, since 2017

  • Directed a major European presidential candidate on political strategy, public outreach, and on the creation of a national brand, international relations, press relations, and sociological research. Having built a recognized brand, the party has become a major national political force.
  • Consulted a post-Soviet presidential candidate against a pro-Russian politician. Using a multifaceted approach to quantitative research, we were able to create a paradigm shift as to how voters perceived both the race, and the candidate.
  • Guided a European politician to improve messaging strategies to combat the constant attacks by incumbent political parties and a hostile press. This included the creation of forceful counterattacks, as means of reprisal, to be used in case of any future attacks launched against the client party or its leadership.
  • Conducted national polling and focus groups for an European parliamentary political party and trained senior political party officers on best practices in creating a strong social research program that prioritized both national polls, as well as focus groups.
  • Advised a large, well-known Latin American political party in strategy-creation and message development in preparation for national elections.
  • Directed a Republican US Presidential campaign on outreach to citizens in the diaspora, which used both cutting-edge social media and classic grassroots activism to engage the 7.8 million Americans living outside of the country – a first ever for an American Presidential campaign.
  • Contracted by Cambridge Analytica (a sister company of the SCL Group), to advise on how to most effectively use “big data” analytics and digital outreach on the Presidential campaign of a US Senator. The innovative application of this new science has revolutionized modern American and international political campaigns.
  • Assisted the former President of a country in how he could best use his post-presidency years to permanently seal the strongly positive legacy that he had left in the minds of his fellow citizens.
  • As Senior Political Adviser, previously consulted now-Moldovan Prime Minister Maia Sandu. Previously advised P.M. Iurie Leanca, and subsequent Prime Ministers, in the lead to the successful Parliamentary Elections in 2014.
  • Following a scandal that led to his ouster from office, worked with a nationally elected Latin American politician to improve the public’s perception of him and to counterattack his opponents’ baseless charges against him.
  • In a politically unstable Latin American country, defined a nexus between advanced qualitative research and targeted social media, which guided the campaigns of the country’s largest political party’s to win two governorships, three mayorialships, and dozens of city council seats.
  • Consulted a candidate on how to increase her Name-ID and defining her public image during her remarkable bid for the European Parliament on the list of one the largest parties in Europe.
  • Directed the local elections campaigns, across dozens of regions of the country, of a reformist political party in Europe so that those election results could be used as the foundation in preparing for the upcoming national elections.
  • Assisted a successful businesswoman in weighing the potential merits and risks of competing in the European Parliament’s elections, and ultimately made her aware that she should delay her election run until more favorable conditions prevailed.
  • Instructed a Minister in a European President’s cabinet of how he could, once he had publicly quit the Government, best rebrand himself as the central opposition figure to the President: Thus allowing him to construct a new narrative about his significance on the national political stage.
  • Organized and led professional Latin American political teams in preparing substantive opposition research efforts for a national political party.
  • Based upon polling and focus groups conducted by our team, we created a winning strategy for a new political party in Europe, that not only successfully won a crucial mayoral campaign, but continued winning an upset victory that saw them gain more seats in the national Parliament than had been projected by both the national and international press.

Highlighted political projects before 2017

  • Worked for US Sen. John McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign in a critical swing state by implementing a complex national strategy at the regional level. This strategy blended microtargeting with the realities of a rapidly changing national narrative as to the significance of the election.
  • Managed and advised over a dozen United States political campaigns, both incumbent and first-time candidates, in every aspect of political campaigns: strategy, message development, press relations, grass roots activism, data science, messaging, quantitative/qualitative research, plus defending against character attacks and negative PR.
  • Lead a current Parliamentary party in the former Soviet Union’s efforts to create and implement a strategy to maintain their strong positives and to reduce attacks from opposition media. Driving a new narrative for both domestic and international press, the party was able to stop their rapidly declining popularity and to improve their favorable rating by 8% within two months.
  • Worked with a senior political leader in Latin America on how to improve his public image and rating leading to the winning Presidential elections, and advised on what steps must be taken immediately after the elections to assure that his popularity would not plummet given a weakening national economy.
  • Managed the victorious re-election campaign of an American city council member who was outspent by a ratio of 6:1 by using targeted messaging.
  • Organized in-depth opposition research efforts for an American politician seeking to unseat a long-term, popular incumbent. Shepherded all aspects of the research, analysis and subsequent messaging based on the materials uncovered that allowed for prolonged attacks to be launched against the incumbent.
  • Consulted an European political party leader in the creation of a national brand and how to use ongoing domestic and international events to his advantage in increasing Name-ID and to become more competitive.
  • Successfully consulted an incumbent American politician on how to best change the public’s perception that he was ineffective and not in-touch with voters’ needs.

Government reform projects and
non-government organizations (NGOs)

  • Led the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) work with Russian opposition leaders and political parties. As a result of his support for the Russian opposition, Dr. Smart was declared persona non grata, without the right to appeal, by the Kremlin and thus received a lifetime ban from entering the Russian Federation.
  • Country Director of the International Republican Institute (IRI) in the Kyrgyz Republic, working at the national, oblast and local level in political campaign organization. Advised elected officials at the local, Parliamentary, and Presidential level. During the course of Dr. Smart’s work in Kyrgyzstan, he was deported by the Republic of Uzbekistan’s dictatorship and received a lifetime ban from entering the Republic.
  • Advised trade unions, youth organizations, women’s rights, voter engagement, free press, and other civil society projects, in Europe and Asia, to create independent, lasting networks to engage the citizenry and to advance the rights of their members. Continuing to assist groups in advancing human rights and political prisoner rights initiatives.

Business and corporate projects

  • Assisted corporations and businesspeople, from the Americas, in entering the Eurasian market through introductions to key business and political leaders in the region. This was coupled with identifying consumer trends and market interests through the application of both qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Dr. Smart.
  • Researched and produced detailed due-diligence reports for a major US firm and its investors which assisted in a multi-million dollar deal being finalized.
  • Organizing corporate-government relations in the US and internationally for large and small businesses.
  • Consulted a national television station on how to alter their programming so that it would be more effective in generating political change. Moreover, devised innovative means of generating interest from advertisers in sponsoring or buying ads during the airtime in which the programs were shown.
  • Reform of local, state, and national governments across the developing world. This included detailed work with United States government grants, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the  US State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL).
  • Oversaw corporate administration for a major Latin American banking software company as it sought to expand its market share. Worked closely with all members of the corporation, from software engineers to the CEO, in order to identify what would generate greater market demand for the product.
  • Providing foreign companies with in-depth studies of what current economic and political tendencies in Eurasia could have on their business or market. This has included the detailed analysis of proposed legislation, local laws, changes in the political balance, and other considerations that could affect change in the market.

Special political projects

  • Advocated on behalf of political prisoners to demand their release by the governments that were illegally incarcerating them. Planned with their families and supporters on how to gain wider international press attention while simultaneously establishing international organizations’ support for their cause.
  • Advised multiple public figures and politicians on how to improve their public reputation and image after having fallen into scandal, or having been the subject of repeated character assassination attempts.
  • Assisted political parties, across the globe, in devising superior means of lowering the ratings of their opponents so that their adversaries could more readily be defeated during elections.


  • Professionally fluent in Russian, Spanish and English.
  • Strong command of other Slavic and Romance languages.

Academic research

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Political Science (dissertation relates to character assassination as a tool in politics).
  • Master’s Degree: Political Science (thesis relates to American political strategy as applied in the post-Soviet space).
  • Graduate certificate: Security studies.
  • Bachelor of Arts: Government & International Politics and Russian Studies.
  • Senior Researcher to Character Assassination and Reputation Politics Research Lab (CARP) since 2011.
  • Continues to publish academic articles relating to character assassination execution and defense, political campaigns and politics.

Media appearances in regards to our clients

Total confidentiality: Due to both the highly sensitive nature of political work, and our great respect for our clients, we absolutely do not disclose with whom we previously, or currently, work without first receiving their approval to do so.

Media requests

For media requests about political strategy, political consulting, political campaigns, international relations, international politics, character attacks/assassination, and character defense, please see “Press requests.” 

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